Day Care in Lawton OK

Daycare isn’t just about keeping a watchful eye on kids—it’s about giving them a place to have fun and stay active while they learn to interact with the world around them. At Nana’s Little Stars, we provide the perfect environment for kids ages five and under, who aren’t yet ready for school. Our daycare and infant care gives Lawton, OK parents the best of both worlds: a safe, welcoming atmosphere with preschool elements. Kids stay engaged and happy, exercising the minds and bodies!

We provide your child with everything they need throughout the day, including lunch, naps and plenty of activities. It’s all geared towards development and interactivity, keeping kids engaged all day long. Our facilities feature a huge indoor play area, with a diverse range of activities for them to explore. From simple slides and play areas to a place where they can bounce balls and get the feel for the world around them.

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1-2-Year-Old Curriculum

Activity or Playing

For early-stage growth and development, nothing is better than play! Through play, children learn everything from spatial awareness, to reasoning, to communication skills and much, much more. Whether they’re engaged in a solo activity or playing with peers, it’s important for them to be able to learn and express themselves in a safe, welcoming environment.

3-5-Year-Old Curriculum

Classroom Environment

For our kids old enough to attend preschool, we have a curriculum to get them ready for the day of learning. By keeping them stimulated with activities before school, we get their minds working and their energy level stabilized, so they’re ready to concentrate and learn in the classroom environment.

The Best Lessons are Learned Through Play

Want to learn more about our curriculum or our approach to daycare and preschool? Contact Nana’s Little Stars today at 580-531-5193 for more information about enrollment or to speak with a member of our dedicated staff.